Twopence Inlay
      By Hook or by Crook

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Top and Back

The top ...
cleaned top

... and the back,

cleaned with a scraper on the outside
cleaned back
graduated back plate back
maple, ebony and elm
Binding Part II

I use maple (1.8 mm) and veneer of ebony and elm for the binding enclosing the sides.
new glue on the block
Gluing the block
planed block, one week in repose

to be continued ...

Sides, 2.2 mm
bright moment
The sides are soaked in water and rocked against the hot bending iron.
very hot, observe safety rules!
It starts with bending the waist.
Bending the lower bout
lower bout
Waist and lower bout are already discernible.
that takes a certain touch ...
bending the sides until completely dry
very dry
Checking the alignment against the mold

the bent side is left in the mold over night

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tight fit

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