Twopence Inlay
      First Steps

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The mahogany is cut on the slab. To extract two symmetrical quartersawn neck blanks it is cut through the middle.
south american mahogany, cut through the middle
The rough sawn neck blanks are joined.
A thin center strip of ebony is prepared.
mahogany and ebony neck blanks
The neck blanks are laminated.
laminated neck
sides, maple

The sides are rough sawn, planed on the outside and brought to thickness (2.2 mm).

The distinction between the rough sawn and the planed side is clearly discernible.

The top is trued, joined and glued with animal glue.
alpine spruce top

The back is trued, joined and glued with animal glue.

The underside is trued.
back, joined and trued
first planing
glueing the back

Top and Back joined

With the top and back joined and their undersides trued one can now start to saw the outline of the body and carve the arching of the plates.

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top and back joined

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