Twopence Inlay
      "Cretaceous Period"

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fitting the braces to the top

The chalk will leave its mark at each point of contact. The whole contact area of each brace should come off the top white.
top, braces, chalk
gluing the braces

Lord of the Clamps
signing the top, braces finished signature and date
The finished top weighs 12.6 ounces. ainīt heavy
Signature, name of guitar,year and place
labelled back
mastic, myrrh, shellac
Top, back and sides receive a coat of natural resins dissolved in spirit.
body glued intact

Binding Part IV

cutting the second block vertically
totally blocked
The glued strips are laminated with asian ebony.
asian ebony cut on the slab
first binding planed to 1.8 mm
planing the strip
classic V-joint
Classic V-joint

cutting 3 angles
the spanish way of building
gluing the headstock
gluing with animal glue,
fixing overnight
mother of pearl

sawing my signature from a plate of MOP
purple haze ...
With some practice ...
scribed outline
The scribed outline of the inlay is filled with chalk.
no router, please
cutting the inlay cavity
inlayed headstock, partly finished
scribing fret positions
fretting, first step
warming up fretboard and neck before gluing
warming up

gluing fingerboard with animal glue

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gluing fingerboard

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