Twopence Inlay
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The fingerboard is planed to thickness and arched.
planing the fingerboard, again
inlay, twelfth fret
made of MOP, coral and black MOP

Alien Invasion (inspired by David Lindley)
After fretting, the neck is shaped. rough shaping
bookmatched binding strips
Binding Part V

bookmatched binding strips,
one pair each for treble and bass side
extreme close up
The binding is inlayed into fitting cavities around the top and back.
3 angles ...
body and neck,
awaiting some glue
dry fit
The neck joint should fit snuggly.

After gluing neck and body, the heel is shaped and the back is bound with inlay.

In contrast to most other archtop jazz guitars this instrument does not use a dovetail joint. The neck heel makes contact with the back.

String tension is thus passed on to the back plate.

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