Twopence Inlay
      "Final Touch"

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End Trim

The end trim covers the joint where the guitarīs sides meet at the tail block and completes the body binding.

The saddle later guides the wire for the tailpiece holding the strings.
end trim and bone saddle
binding/end trim
end trim, detail

truss rod access cavity
nut (bone)
neck-to-body-junction neck-to-body-junction at 14th fret
The pickguard protects the top against damage when you really lean into it. pickguard
The tailpiece and headstock are made of the same piece of wood and with corresponding design. two of a kind

I chose to give the guitar a "honey blonde" finish.

To get the bindings to glow and form a nice contrast to the guitarīs color, they are taped off before the shaded laquer is sprayed.

The finish will take about two weeks drying time before it can be polished.

After that, there will be some new pictures ...

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bindings masked off

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