Twopence Inlay

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Binding Part III

Cutting the first block into slices of 2.5 mm thickness at an angle of 33 degrees
first cut is the deepest ...
The slices are glued successively onto veneer, trued, glued topsyturvy and planed to thickness.

gluing onto veneer
For the binding of the "F" holes, I plane the strips to 1.3 mm and cut them according to the width and length of each lamination mold. catīs tailneat measurement
Gluing the pre-bent strips over the lamination mold wrap up
The binding for the first "F" hole finished kids, donīt try this at home!
sawing the "F" hole
Sawing the "F" hole on the bass side
cleaning the cut
Cleaning up the sawcut with a razor-sharp cutting-knife

Now follows the fitting of the binding framing the "F" hole (thus "Framework").
proudly presenting ...
completed "F" hole


To increase the gluing surface between the sides and back resp. top, the linings are installed. I use unkerfed willow linings of 3.5 mm thickness.
clamping the linings

Finished sides

The sides are cleaned on the inside, the back can be glued in position.

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the sides in good form

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